Making Holiday Figures



Nov. 22  


Today I will be installing a 6 foot snowman in Brentwood Community Center park at 10:00am. Come see him this afternoon - Oak and Second Street across from Cap's Restaurant. He and 6 or more other snowmen will be there all week for family photo ops and activities. Come out if you can!

Nov. 20  


Meet "Little Frosty". After considering all suggestions and looking at the colors of my other holiday pieces, I decided to use bright blue and red. Wait until you see what I do to his scarf.

Beverly C. Turner's photo. Beverly C. Turner's photo. Beverly C. Turner's photo.


Nov. 18  


After a wonderful Liquid Painting workshop with Linda Ryan at the Way Up Art & Frame shop, I worked past midnight to finish sculpting Little Frosty. Won't be able to work in my studio Friday. We're joining Orange County friends in Napa for wine tasting. Yeah! Fun, food, friends and wine! Now that's living it up. I need your help: what color should his hat and scarf be?

Beverly C. Turner's photo. Beverly C. Turner's photo.

Nov. 17  


Could make it to the gym as planned this morning. Staying up too late to finish all of these sculptures makes me too tired. This is the fourth and final one in my Holiday Series. Meet little frosty. He still needs lots of work.

Image may contain: one or more people

Nov. 14  


It's now well after 1:30 am. I was so close to finishing that I just had to stay up completing the second St Nick and first Mr Snowman. It was such fun drawing the gold design on the green trim for St Nick's robe. I will add his bag of candy soon.

I thought a Candy Cane scarf on Mr Snowman would be a cheery addition along with a crooked carrot nose. Now I have 3 sculptures completed and only one left to do.

Mr. Frosty
Mr. Frosty
Burgundy St. Nick
Burgundy St. Nick
All three
All three


Nov. 11  


I finally finished sculpting Mr. Snowman and the second St. Nicholas! The snowman will be white with a black top hat, an orange carrot nose and tiny lumps of coal for eyes (not yet added.) I plan to give him a fun whimsical coat trim. This St. Nick will have a deep red robe trimmed in green and gold. The basket he's carrying will be filled with small wrapped candies for good little boys and girls of all ages.

St. Nick #2 & Mr. Frosty
St. Nick #2 & Mr. Frosty
Mr. Frost-face
Mr. Frost-face
St. Nick #2 face



Nov. 5 


Today was a good day. Sculpted the whole day except for bowling with hubby and dinner. Got another St. Nick completed except for painting.

St. Nick #2
St. Nick #2

Nov. 4  


Ugh! I need more hours in the day and more days in the week! I also need to learn how to sculpt faster. I just started on St. Nick #2. Have to finish him today and start on my two Snowmen.

St Nick #2St Nick #2

St Nick #2
St Nick #2




Nov. 2  


Oh dear! I had no idea when I decided to be an artist that it meant staying up so late! I didn't like the green robe and someone suggested sky blue. So of course I had to finish it - AGAIN. Now St. Nick has a sky blue robe. What do you think?

Sky Blue St. Nicholas

Nov. 1  


Still working on first St. Nicholas sculpture. I have to finish him today. He's only half painted but I think his robe is too green. I might change it before I paint the embroidery on the back of the robe and hat.

img_6702  img_6731  14856145_1372461112778366_8657456756503290261_o

Oct. 29, 2016 


Had a little fun sculpting the beard and hat on my first St. Nick. Had a few minutes and started on the second. It's fun trying to sculpt different faces for the same guy. I still have to design and paint him tomorrow, so I can photograph him. He needs to be ready soon!

img_6687 img_6690 img_6702

Oct. 27, 2016  


With Paint Night behind me, I can get back to finishing my four Saint Nicholas'. All four bodies done and now sculpting their faces and outfits. I make them in a cone shape, having fun sculpting different faces and long winter coats.
As a small child in Germany, we had St. Nick for our Winter holidays. On the eve of Dec. 5, if we were good all year, we got candies, fruits and nuts in our shoes- if naughty, sticks. Then a big party on Dec. 6 and again on Dec. 25. What fun it was great being an American soldier's child in Europe in the early 1950's!

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