Making Lightboxes


July 26, 2016  

FINISHED the Bas Relief panels

  I was finally able to finish the two lightboxes. My brother-in-law, Russ, completed the two very complicated light switches to keep the small LED light stick on for only 8 hours during the day. We installed the switches, cell battery and LED stick into each box and took them to the Blackhawk Gallery in time for the opening of the new art exhibition.

The Blackhawk Gallery exhibition will run through September 18.


JULY 12, 2016  



What a complicated project! Couldn't have done it without my brother-in-law, Russ. He made a tiny electronic timer/switcher to turn the LEDs off and on and rewired it to work with a 30,000mAh cell phone battery. These are the boxes from my "Jungle Book Series" are nearly done. Found batteries that will keep the LED lights inside lit for 14 days between charges. Now to apply the finish.

Elephant Lightbox

July 6, 2016  

Sculpting the Bas Relief panels

IMG_4546 (1)  One of the things I like about staff the galleries where my artwork is displayed, is that I get to give "Demos." This means I actually do sculpting and get work done while demonstrating what and how I do it.

JULY 2, 2016  



Time is fast running out for me to finish. Almost done with all 8 sides of these two Lightboxes. Ordered the 30,000 mAh cellphone batteries that will power the tiny LED lights I will put inside. My brother-in-law calculates one charge will light the box for 7 days. Thanks Russ, couldn't have done this without your help and knowhow! Thanks Jared for inventing #sKratch clay!

Giraffe Lightbox

June 26, 2016  


Part of being in a gallery is helping to staff it. Friday at the Delta Gallery in Brentwood, I got some sculpting done between gallery guests. Today I'm staffing the Blackhawk Gallery in Danville and working to complete another side of the 2 Lightboxes.
Lightbox - WIP
Lightbox - WIP

Lightbox - WIP
Lightbox - WIP

June 21, 2016  


Here's my latest WIP: These are 3 of the 4 sides which are nearly complete for 2 new sculptures. Hoping these will be wireless and internally lit box sculptures. The animals are painted on frosted plastic with ceramic clay sculpted around them. Hardest part was finding LED lights that work on USB cell phone charger batteries. I want these boxes to be lit from inside from 10am to 8pm everyday for 14 days before the batteries need to be plugged in for charging.
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